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Photography and travel are a passion for the two of us. Getting out and doing things together makes our free time memorable. It seemed that our friends and family were always commenting about our adventures. None of the trips we’ve taken come at great expense or with extended travel. All they require is an adventurous spirit and an open mind.

As for us, we are a gay couple who have been together for five years. Gabe is a graduate of the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara and the co-owner of Color Services, a professional photo laboratory in Santa Barbara. He’s dedicated to his work and his succulent garden. Steve is a graduate of the hospitality program at Cal Poly University in Pomona and oversees membership at a private club. He enjoys testing out new recipes and working in the yard. Together, we live a happy life in Southern California.

There’s no magic to our travels, and rarely are there any set plans, routes or anything in mind when we set out. Open your mind to new experiences – it’s what we do on every single journey!

We want to inspire you to pick up a camera, hop in a car or put on a pair of walking shoes and enjoy life. In California, we are blessed to be surrounded by nature with virtually year-round incredible weather. If our blog helps you to enjoy your world even a little more, we’ve accomplished so much.

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